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  • Inspur NF5468M5 Server
  • As Inspur's latest move toward AI Cloud, NF5468M5 (AGX-V)is designed for large-scale deployment in
    data center and optimization of edge computing. Equipped with the advanced Intel® Xeon® Skylake
    processor, it supports 16 NVDIA GPU accelerator in a compact 4U chassis, making it an ideal choice for
    AI Cloud, security, finance, communication, healthcare and other scenarios.
  • High Performance for AI Model Training
    · Supports 8 global leading NVDIA V100 32G GPU
    · Integrates 4 cutting-edge technologies: NVLink 2.0, RDMA, GPUDricet, 32G HBM2
    · Offers highest computing performance and lowest communication latency
  • High Efficiency for AI Edge Computing
    · Supports 16 high efficient Tesla P4 GPU and 24x 3.5"HDD
    · Capable to process 300 streams 1080P video in video structuring application,
    · it is well able to extend the term of validity of data storage to 9 times of world standard
  • High Reliability for more AI Application Scenarios
    · Supports over 10 kinds of GPU topology, enabling easy switching without opening the chassis
    · CPUs are interconnected via 3 UPI, providing industry leading communication bandwidth
    · Supports 4 2200W 80PLUS Platinum power supply modules and 2+2 redundant strategy
    · Suitable for all sorts of AI application scenarios