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  • Inspur 2-Socket Server
    Power Your Workloads with Uncompromising Density
  • Inspur 2-socket server is designed by Inspur to tackle
    the demands of the Internet, IDC (Internet Data Center), cloud computing, enterprise market
    and telecommunication business applications with extremely high computational density,
    strong scalable architecture, extended availability and industry leading intelligent management
    strategy. The continuous performance improvement and supreme and ultimate design
    concept make Inspur a leader in the Global server market.
  • Product Highlights
    The 2-socket rack server delivers uncompromising density and productivity,
    and is ideal for virtualization, driving large business applications or running
    transactional databases.
  • Key Features
    · Flexible Storage Configuration Options, High Performance
    · Scalable IO Options, Energy Efficient Design  · Cost Effective Enterprise Class Server